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Be a ‘Success in Spain’ Story

Are you a ‘Success in Spain?’

If you believe you are, then you are.  For BeyondMañana, success isn’t about material wealth, it’s about contentment and satisfaction. Not complacency, but appreciation of all that we have learned/gained/achieved/found or been lucky enough to enjoy.  Your success may be in financial terms but it may also be in finding work that fulfils you emotionally, a great community project to support, about finding relationship success, a lifestyle you love or the perfect place to live it, or overcoming health or other personal challenges.

We know that Spain can teach hard lessons, whilst simultaneously bringing great rewards in many different ways.  We would love to share your story here, to help celebrate the diverse and rich picture that is real expat life in Spain.

In return we can link back to a business/project that is important to you, but please… Success Stories is about people, not promotions. For many expats who we are and what we do are inextricably intertwined and that is fantastic, but for this page we want to you about YOU the person first and foremost.

So why not send us an enquiry? We’ll get back to you as soon as you can.  And don’t worry about trying to send us a finished article via this form, we can follow up by email and work things out, you can give us the sketchiest of outlines and we will edit it up for publication (in fact we have to reserve the right to edit everything).  But don’t think ‘oh I can’t write’, because there are many ways we can help you share your story.  If you really don’t fancy writing, then why not record a video, and send us the youtube URL instead?  Or just drop us a line and tell us what you`re thinking.