Beyond Mañana

Real Expat Life in Spain

June 16, 2014
by BeyondManana

Life in the second-language bubble

We are surrounded at all times by a babble of chatter, news and noise, and a lot of it these days is banal or bleak in the extreme.  I strongly believe in individual choice and active selection of what we … Continue reading

November 20, 2012
by BeyondManana

Winners and Losers in the Languages of Life

Last year our eldest daughter’s class were allowed to fundraise for their end of year trip by bringing in food and snacks to sell to the rest of the school on Fridays – surprisingly enterprising, I thought, for Spanish school.  … Continue reading

November 11, 2012
by BeyondManana

The Two Year Rule, or Learning Spanish vs Learning to Survive in Spain

An interesting phenomenon I have observed here, after talking to a range of expats who have been in Spain varying lengths of time – as well as people living as expats in different countries elsewhere (although mostly Brits).  Quite a … Continue reading