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Real Expat Life in Spain

September 6, 2013
by BeyondManana

Life for Rent, in Spain

I suppose this must be a legacy of the Thatcher years, but when I grew up and started work in the 90s UK owning one’s own home was simply a natural thing to aim for, a normal step on the … Continue reading

February 28, 2013
by BeyondManana

Liebster Award – Encouraging Recognition for Beyond Mañana

Thank you so much to lovely Molly at, for nominating my as yet quite young and emergent blog for a Liebster Award.  It is particularly flattering as I really enjoy and admire Molly’s blog which has inspired us to … Continue reading

November 12, 2012
by BeyondManana

The Story That Unites Us

Us expats in Spain certainly like to communicate – and not just with the folks back home.  Grab a café Americano and let’s have a chat shall we?  After all, it’s a lovely day, once again… Amongst the most interesting … Continue reading