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Real Expat Life in Spain

December 10, 2012
by BeyondManana

Beyond the Spanish Economic Crisis – Marion Harrington

Based in Andalucia for the last 17 years; I know I’ve changed far beyond what you would expect with the mere passing of years. The “duende”* of Spain – along with its people – have firmly embedded themselves into my … Continue reading

November 29, 2012
by BeyondManana

Visitors We Love

We love having visitors here in Spain!  We genuinely and sincerely mean that, and find talking to more cynical friends who are maybe longer term expats quite worrying…  Although crowd-sourcing this article was fun, it’s fair to say that feelings … Continue reading

November 12, 2012
by BeyondManana

The Story That Unites Us

Us expats in Spain certainly like to communicate – and not just with the folks back home.  Grab a café Americano and let’s have a chat shall we?  After all, it’s a lovely day, once again… Amongst the most interesting … Continue reading